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01. Mar 13

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What is an axle

A drive axle does not bend and are designed for vehicles where the axle has a direct shot to the hub or transaxle. Mainly for mid-engine or rear wheel drive cars.

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What is an Alternator

The alternator is part of the automotive charging system. The alternator and your battery work together to provide power for all of the electrical components in your car. The alternator is powered by ...

26. Feb 13

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AC compressor head and porting guide

Sanden AC compressor units come in many shapes and sizes for numerous applications. The 5H15, 7H13, 7H15 and 7H15HD/SHD which will each have specific flow and pressures.

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How to repair an air flow sensor

All the parts we sell come with the support of our United States based customer sevice team who are here to help. If the info you need is not covered in this section feel free to send us a message in ...

21. Feb 13

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How to install an AC Compressor

AC Compressor installation should only be done after installing the ac system component parts and flushing the entire system. First put the hose manifold back on. Bolt the compressor to the mounts. Cy...

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How to install an AC Accumulator

An ac accumulator serves as a filter for the car ac system. It is essential to replace the accumulator whenever you're installing a new ac ac compressor. You should get all the fittings sung before fa...

08. Feb 13

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What is a window regulator

There are two different types of window regulator that are fitted the modern vehicles. Manual window regulators or electric window regulators and each serve the same basic function. Manual window regu...

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AC refrigerant loss

The compressor is the most important part of the AC system but it can only function correctly if cooled properly. The oil in the system plays a roll much larger than just lubrication it also cools the...

29. Jan 13

that site

On the net dollars payday loans are made to assist you pay off should you have none other alternatives, and you ought to do not work with dollars payday loans meant for normal objectives. Prudent to a...

24. Dec 12

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Toyota Previa Parts

When you find any problem in the working of the Toyota Previa Parts, you need to remove the worn out part and replace it with a quality part immediately. To get back the usual performance from your ca...


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